The Dead Wife - Sue Fortin


Police have ruled out suspicious circumstances in the investigation into the death of Elizabeth Sinclair, wife of charismatic entrepreneur Harry Sinclair, found drowned in the lake of the family’s holiday park.
It’s been two years since the Sinclair case closed but when reporter Steph Durham receives a tipoff that could give her the scoop of the year, she’s drawn deeper and deeper into the secretive Sinclair family.
Elizabeth’s death wasn’t a tragic accident. And the truth will come at a deadly price…


Elizabeth Sinclair is found drowned in the lake of the family holiday park, the police ruled out suspicious circumstances.  Two years later reporter Steph Durham gets a tip-off the police are wrong it wasn't a tragic accident it was murder. As she becomes drawn deeper and deeper into the secretive Sinclair family she learns the truth comes at a deadly price...
Gripping from the start, this clever plot is completely engrossing and will keep you turning pages along after you should have turned the lights out. There is a real sense of unease when reading this as everyone on seems to be hiding something, the clues lead to you to suspect the whole cast of characters at one point or another and you'll be racing through this fast paced tale to find out who done it. With an ending totally took me by surprise and was perfect! This is a brilliant must read for any crime fans. 
Thanks to Rachel's Random Resources for sending me this in exchange for an open and honest review.


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